Nick Mencher

Nick offers an unusual and compelling combination of abilities including internal marketing and external sales skills gained from over 20 years in the asset management business.


He brings real-world experience to the task of creating, editing and enhancing equity, fixed income and alternative product marketing materials for finals presentations, consultant and prospect meetings, and client retention efforts.


Nick joined GT Capital Management/Invesco as head of marketing in 1991 and, in 2006, joined TIAA-CREF where he worked with the internal product management and external consultant relations teams.


Nick left TIAA-CREF in 2012 to form K&M Productions.




Tom Scarpino
Creative Director

Tom has been developing creative solutions for companies seeking to improve their marketing and promotion efforts for over 20 years.


His skill set crosses many formats and media: from graphic, print and web design to presentation creation and programming, and from concept development and scriptwriting to video direction and editing.


Besides his work with K&M Productions for the financial services industry, Tom has worked independently for most of the top firms in Silicon Valley, including Cisco Systems, HP, VMware, NETGEAR, eBay and many others.


Tom partnered with Nick at K&M Productions in 2013.




Our services include:
marketing materials
client communications
strategy whitepapers
product development

    performance analysis

    competitor analysis

    pitch books

    RFP/RFI text


    web design

K&M is a full-service agency
for investment managers seeking to increase assets by improving their marketing and communications materials.